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Vision Statement

Our vision is to assure that Los Alamitos Creek is healthy, safe, beautiful, and in harmony with the historic town of New Almaden.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster creek protection and restoration of the Los Alamitos watershed surrounding the township of New Almaden by promoting community awareness of creek restoration and protection issues.


FOLAW volunteers will develop new educational programs for Los Alamitos Watershed residents on the following subjects:
  1. How to redesign and re-vegetate stream channels.
  2. Demonstrate how to design stream beds with the least amount of soil disturbance.
  3. Restoration of soil-food web relationships during National River Cleanup Day, Earth Day, and Coastal Cleanup events.
  4. Develop educational programs that show the impact of mercury on our watershed.
Member, Individuals and Organizations That Receive Benefits from FOLAW

FOLAW benefits landowners in the area of the New Almaden Township (unincorporated) of Santa Clara County and the City of San Jose by providing information regarding watershed protection. FOLAW benefits the following government agencies by assisting with the preparation and communication of watershed protection measures: Santa Clara Valley Water District, Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation, Mid-Peninsula Open Space District, Peninsula Open Space Trust, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, United States Environmental Protection Agency, City of San Jose Environmental Services.

FOLAW also will work with educational agencies and institutions in advancing their educational experiences for children and adults related to the historical contributions of New Almaden area, as well as the value of watershed protections and natural resource preservation.

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